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Commission Status: OPEN for Live2D Vtubers only! (Waitlist)

Thank you for your interest!

Here is how to get a commission:

♡ Check over TOS
♡ Look over Samples/Pricing
♡ Fill out Google Form
♡ I will email you a confirmation when it is your spot in the waitlist
♡ Pay upfront half of invoice
♡ Wait for art
♡ I will send a thumb of the finished piece, final half of invoice will be due
♡ Pay final invoice, and I will send files and/or physical printed pieces!


I WILL Draw: people, nekomimi/kenomimi, couples/ships, light mecha, weapons
I WON'T Draw: Art that falls outside of my artstyle (in Ex. Furry, hyperrealistic, comic book, etc), extreme fetishes, anything that is ripping off someone else's style, complex mecha, highly muscular people, elderly


I can turn down your commission.

Upon request I can send you progress shots of your commission.

Once you have paid in full and have received your file, you may use the commission however you like so long as they are not modified nor resold. If you intend to sell the commission on products, please let me know!

Please note in the form if you don't want me to post your commission to social media, speedpaints, streams, or use for portfolio reasons!

Rules are subject to change. If you have already made payment, you are grandfathered in from those changes and they do not affect you.


Payments are made via Square invoices, if there are any issues with that, we can use paypal invoices.

Do not send me money outside of those methods for commissions.

A second invoice with the final half of the total will be sent after completion, along with a thumbnail for approval. Final pieces will be sent as their full sized files to the email you provide, and in some cases I will mail a physical print to you upon request!


If you are unable to afford the full final price but already paid the first half, I can either refund the first half or offer a service worth the price you already paid.

I can send progress shots, but once I have started shading, you will not be allowed major change requests on your piece. Once you have received the full art piece after approving the thumbnail, you may not receive a refund under any circumstances.


I am very new to this area so for the first few instances of these pieces, I will need to work with you a little more one on one for better results. Please feel free to send as many references as you would like, it is incredibly helpful.

For a NSFW specific sample, please click here: (18+ only please)

These are my commissions for drawn anime characters. For something not listed here, email questions at [email protected] All Prices are listed in USD


Colored Sketch:
Soft Shade:

Comes transparent or with simple background, sent as a .png file

Each Additional character + $5

Colored Sketch

Half Body:

Comes with a simple background, sent as a .png file

Each Additional character + $5

Soft Shade

Half Body:

Comes transparent or with simple background, sent as a .png file

Each Additional character + $25

Full Illustration


Comes with complex painted background, sent as a .png file

Each Additional character + $25

Live2D Commissions

Become a Vtuber!
I am currently accepting commissions to create and rig Live2D models for Vtubing!

I will do:
Ref sheets
Separated Art

Vtuber Art

Art is fully separated and ready to be rigged in Live2D.

If you like my art but want to go to someone else to rig, you may do so!

Half Body Art:
Fullbody Art:


This is where I take art that is already separated and rig it for use.

Half Body Rig:
Fullbody Rig:

Rig includes:
Head XYZ
Body XYZ
Full Body Physics
Eye Open/Close
Eye Smile
Mouth Open
Mouth Form
2 Simple Emotes

For Ref sheets of your vtuber, please email for specifics!


Outfit Change:
Extra Emote:

For Half Body Art AND Rig:
Fullbody Art AND Rig:

I can do payment plans! Please email to discuss.


Frequently Asked Questions

Art Questions

How Long Have You Been Drawing?
In general, since I was a toddler
In terms of digital art, about 2007 (MS Paint/Pixel Art)
2010 (Photoshop/Illustrations)

Do you use a tablet?

What kind of tablet do you use?
Mainly Huion Kamvas 20
I also have a gen 7 Ipad that I use less frequently

What programs/apps do you use?
Main Illusts: Clip Studio Paint
Backgrounds/Designs: Photoshop

What inspired you to start drawing?
I've always been drawing but I'm fairly certain I stuck with it as a coping mechanism lol

How long does a drawing take?
I used to keep track, they'd take me anywhere from an hour to 4 hours, then 8-16 hours as I got more detailed.
Since then they vary wildly depending on what I'm doing, so I can't give a super solid answer unfortunately. I'd guestimate 4-24 hours depending on the piece

How many hours do you draw daily/weekly?
Again this varies wildly, sometimes I draw all day every day and sometimes I might not touch the tablet much at all during a week. It heavily depends on what's going on and what kind of projects I'm working on.

Do you draw traditionally?
I used to about as often if not more often than I did digitally, but now I mostly just do digital. But I still enjoy pencil sketches and painting occasionally!

Do you only draw anime?
I can draw anything except animals and cars if I'm being honest. I really don't have much of a desire to draw anything that isnt realistic portraits or anime illusts to be real with you

What kind of brushes do you use?
MOSTLY defaults on the programs I use.
For Lineart I use G-pen:

For Shading I use the watercolor brushes:

For coloring in base colors:
-I use the bucket tool (Referring to other layers)

Then there's the magical select/fill tool everyone asks about, which you can find here

Any others are in Clip Studio's Assets!

Have you gone to school for art?
I went to an art college for graphic design for two weeks and dropped out, so otherwise I'm fairly self taught

How is your lineart so smooth?
I really really don't know how to answer this, other than to tell you to try for long singular strokes. You need pressure sensitivity and stabilization on whatever program you are using. I've found personally it's harder to have nice lines on ipad/phone despite having pencils/styluses.

Who Inspired you to draw?
I draw for me
Makes me happy c:

Do you have tips?
This is so wildly vague that I literally have no idea what to say. I don't know what kind of knowledge or experience each individual person has and those kind of tips would need to be tailored to that information.

All I can say is the best way to get better at what you're doing is to DO it. You can't get better if you don't try. I'd also advice watching/studying the art of people you admire. Don't stop trying!

And also keep in mind, art is not a race. There is no finish line.

Video/Stream Questions

What do you use to do speedpaints?
I record the drawing process in OBS (Open Broadcasting Software) and speed it up/edit it in Adobe Premiere Pro.

What do you use to stream?
I stream in Streamlabs OBS
The Vtuber avatar I use is window captured from PrPrLive

Vtuber FAQ

Vtubing and Live2D Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Vtuber?
A Vtuber is a "Virtual Youtuber" or otherwise virtual avatar/persona representing yourself or a character online via youtube or other video/streaming platforms.

How do I become a Vtuber?
Anyone with the time/money/desire can become a vtuber.

You can either do it 3D via webcam or VR capture (usually the models are made in Vroid studio or Blender). This tends to be the cheaper option.

You can also stream in 2D via a Live2D avatar which is what I use/am more familiar with. This tends to also be the more expensive option because drawing and separating art along with the rigging can be a long and detailed process.

What is Live2D?
Live2D cubism is a program designed to take parts of a 2D image and rig them to give them motion/more of a 3D look. Live2D is often used in gatcha games (such as Azur Lane) to give the characters a bit of movement instead of a static image, or in visual novels to animate sprites to emote/breathe/etc.

Live2D is also used in the same way to rig 2D images to be captured by a program that will interpret those files to match movements captured by a camera.

What programs can I use?
There is Facerig, which can capture for 3D or Live2D via webcam.
There is PrPrLive which captures your webcam for Live2D.
There is Animaze, Facerigs next program releasing that is supposedly better but will be subscription based.
There is Vtube Studio, which has the best capturing ability for Live2D but works for iPhone.

Can you rig my art?
I can if you have already separated the art correctly. If it's not separated I won't accept it. If it's separated but not correctly, I can separate it correctly for a fee.

What does "Separating" mean?
The way Live2D works, is you are warping and animating each movable piece onto separate keyframes. Each moving part of the art needs to be on it's own layer and oftentimes needs to be extended, so when the model moves, there is no gaps where the art stops.
If the art isnt separated well, the rig will be both difficult to do and also low quality.
Each facial component, hair pieces, arms, legs, clothing parts, special poses/animations, tails/ears, accessories, etc all need to be on their own layer.
Otherwise the piece cannot be rigged!


To be updated!

For commissions, projects/collabs, or sponsorships, please email at [email protected]